Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bouillon Leather in the Dehydrator

Best thing I've done with my dehydrator in recent memory....

Procured a beautiful Diestel Turkey at Lunardi's for $3.29/lb.  For $30, I think I get my value out of this large bird for my family of 3+.  But I tried something that turned out to make that turkey keep on giving!

The usual MO is to brine and roast my turkeys, enjoying one or two hearty dinners with the usual fixings and then saving all remnants in the freezer for future meals.  The carcass goes straight into the crock pot for turkey broth which usually gives me about 2 1-quart containers of nutrient rich broth to freeze.  My problem is the defrosting part.  Ugh.  Ever been that mommy with a huge lump of broth GLACIER (shaped suspiciously like a yogurt tub) half-melted in an otherwise rip-roaring stew or chili?  Fervently poking and prodding it with a wooden spoon saying "MELT, MELT..."?  Yah, and remember the definition of insanity....?

So instead of being insane, I tried something new...which could have wasted all that glorious turkey broth I suppose...but it didn't!  It turned out to be bouillon leather that I keep in my cupboard and use like cubed bouillon, but without MSG or other mystery ingredients.  When I need a piece, I use kitchen shears to snip off the pieces.  I haven't got it mathematically figured out how much to use when I cook - but I don't cook that way anyway...just keep adding till it tastes right.

Here are the steps I used:

1. Made turkey broth/stock as usual with whole carcass in my crock pot.
2. Next day, strained the stock into a regular stove top pot and simmered with lid off till it was almost gone.  It appeared like syrup at this stage.
3. Let it cool a bit.
4. Poured into one fruit rollup tray of my Nesco Food Dehydrator.
5. Dehydrate overnight.

Final product:  

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